Our Methodology



Assessment & Design

You may think your frontline staff has you covered. But it’s not what you think. It’s what your customers think.


In the Assessment & Design phase, we’ll identify the skills, attitudes and behaviours that stand in the way of creating legendary customer experiences. Then we’ll create a training strategy, and tailor a program that focuses on what your customers want and trains your staff on how to give it to them.


With your input, we’ll determine the overall objectives, budget and timeline for your training initiative through one or more of these program elements:


  • Account Assessment Call: We’ll gather business information, including training goals and objectives.

  • On-site Assessment Visit: We’ll further evaluate complex training needs discovered in the account assessment call.

  • Pre-sales Phone Shopping: We’ll measure current sales and service skill levels.

  • Training Confirmation Call: We’ll verify training logistics and the role of the facilitator and/or program driver.


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All the policies, processes, systems and tracking mechanisms in the world won’t accomplish a thing unless employees do more than just meet basic customer needs.


Delivery, the second phase in our four-step methodology, is where we motivate, teach and equip your staff to go beyond everyday sales and service to make lasting customer connections.


Transform Service from the Inside Out


Using some of the following program elements we’ll deliver training that will increase customer satisfaction ratings, help you achieve industry quality ratings, let you manage cultural change within your organization and differentiate you from your competition:


  • On-site training

  • E-Learning

  • Competition calls

  • Magic Formula: We’ve created a guide, usually consisting of 5 to 25 customer service skill



Evaluation & Measurement

Training isn’t training if it doesn’t change behavior.


Instructing employees on processes, systems and ideas accomplishes little to nothing unless you impart skills and experience in a way that’s relevant, meaningful and lasting.


That’s the Signature difference. That’s what we call Reinforcement and this is how we help you build a culture that supports and empowers employees to deliver legendary customer experiences.


Our Reinforcement services may include:


  • Coaching on demand

We’ll provide dedicated feedback, instruction and review of specific sales and service skills.

  • Mini sessions (bimonthly conference calls)

We’ll cover a key component of the assisting guide (our Magic Formula) we’ll prepare for your employees or other topic of your choosing.

  • New-hire kit

We’ve developed this especially for self-paced training and on boarding of new employees.

  • Outbound coaching

We’ll train graduates, simulating real-world customer inquiries and provide immediate feedback and instruction.

  • Post-training e-mail shopping and On-site mystery shops

We’ll measure sales and service behaviour change.




What’s the cost of less-than-loyal customers?

More than you know


We can close the critical gap between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty with our organization-wide approach to sales and services training, and we can prove it thanks to our Signature scoring and reporting system.


Here’s just some of what you can expect:


  • Scorecards

We’ll provide scoring that tangibly evaluates the sales and service skills performance and progress after successful completion of our program.

  • Executive overview

We’ll highlight the progress results of program participants.

  • Web-based Reporting of scoring results

Reporting will be sorted by agent, location or management company for use in measuring specific areas of improvement and /or for targeting future reinforcement efforts.



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