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Bouncing Back

This new program has been designed to address the staff of any department for all businesses that will eventually greet and interact with their clients returning at their location.

We are looking at the emotional interactions you will have with your clients once they return doing business with you. Being a sales and service training company, this training solution is set to give you and your staff a different approach to your interactions with the clients.

Knowing that many measures for protecting workers and customers were taken, using appropriate combinations of controls, or safe work practices, and/or personal protective equipment, here is our solution to Bounce Back!


Virtual Instructor-Led Training – 60, 75 or 90-minute session

Course content:

Introduction                      Setting up the participants, introducing ourselves, looking at our objectives for the coming hour

Quality Interactions           A look at the factors that affect the quality of client interactions

Being Legendary               This is how we want to be with them, especially these days

How do we communicate? Our approach makes a difference – face-to-face or on the phone

Creating a bond                Logical and/or emotional, a bond needs to be created to help with the relationship

Listening modes               This is the quality No.1 in sales or service and understanding them is the key

Understanding stress         Knowing about stress is understanding how to address it

Sales or service process At this point in the session we will address the client approach step by step while ensuring the participants
                                       understand when and how to apply what was covered this far.


Service process

The service process describes each step in any interaction with a client (walking by, face-to-face or on the phone) through:

Connect, Discover, Deliver and Close.

Sales process

This portion is about the Transient Edge program and Client Centered Sales Program


Service sessions for back of the house departments – 60-minute session: $150       Front of the house – 75-minute session: $185

Sales sessions Individual Reservations  – 75-minute session: $185                         Sales team – 90-minute session: $225

Preparation and personalization of training material and tools: $50 per session


Bouncing Back

Post COVID-19 Training Solutions