Hospitality Training

Ensure guest satisfaction with well-trained representatives!


Today’s hospitality professionals agree that maintaining the highest calibre of service representatives is a top priority to ensuring guest satisfaction. These representatives play a vital role in generating repeat business and boosting service scores, which is why the Service Edge training program was created.

Training Program Description


Signature will teach your staff how to help customers, act on guest requests and handle challenging situations with one- to four-days of Service Edge training. With this program, participants learn to impact guest impressions, while increasing repeat business and service scores.


Who Should Attend?

Any and all customer-facing Hospitality departments:


  • Reservations

  • Bellman

  • Concierge

  • Housekeeping

  • Maintenance

  • Food & Beverage

  • Transportation

  • Retail

  • Activities

Learning Objectives


Through a variety of techniques including role-playing, employees will learn why, when and how to:


  • Provide legendary service at every customer touchpoint

  • Build rapport with guest during check-in and check-out to enhance the customer experience and build customer loyalty

  • Handle guest requests in a way that guarantees guest satisfaction


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Training Product Card

Results to Expect


By using Service Edge to improve guest impressions from arrival to departure, your employees, your guest and your business will benefit.