Counter staff have the power to help you exceed sales goals but only if they know how to tap into it. Handling parts inquiries, improving customer experiences and selling related items can happen more frequently and more profitably when you train the Signature way.


Our proprietary training program, AfterMarket Edge, is specially designed to help employees make more sales more often.

Counter Parts Training

What to Expect?

In just one day, on site or by telephone, two to 20 participants will be trained using Signature's renowned Magic Formula.


Who Should Attend?

Anyone responsible for converting incoming calls or in-person inquiries to rentals or sales, including:


  • Counter staff

  • Support personnel

  • Receptionists

  • Field service technicians

  • Managers

Service Modules included in this program

Increase customer retention rates and overall customer satisfaction with these targeted training modules specifically designed for service techs, delivery drivers and parts personnel.


  • Legendary Service at the Job Site: Put the customer first - on their turf or yours.

  • Tuning Up Your Sales Skills: Communicate customer value in a way that makes more sales.

  • Conducting Proactive Outbound Calls: Generate additional sales through effective calling and persuasive voicemail.

  • Leadership Training for Managers: Develop a branch that's known and appreciated for delivering exceptional service.

Learning Objectives
Learning Objectives


Through a variety of fun and effective techniques, including making real-time calls to the competition, counter staff will learn how to:


  • Establish customer rapport

  • Identify, meet and exceed customer needs

  • Close the sale naturally and professionally


Consistent selling becomes a whole lot easier with our training solutions for equipment and trucking. You'll revolutionize the way your entire organization interacts with customers when you motivate employees to exceed customer needs. And because AfterMarket Edge is specially designed to change employee behavior and create lasting improvement, employees will also practice their new skills through post-training coaching and reinforcement.


Ready for Results

Some of the best in the business rely on us to help them make every customer interaction legendary. Contact us to find out how AfterMarket Edge can make it happen for you.