Mystery Shopping Program

Signature's mystery shopping solution

is key to improve customer satisfaction and increase your conversion rates.

The Mystery Shopping Program was created to support any training program (yours, or Signature's) whenever there is a potential sale to be made over the phone. We have found out from experience that training without any reinforcement is not effective in changing behaviours in the long term.  

Hear if your employees are really delivering

If you are closing 3 out of every 10 calls, what's happening with the other 7 calls?


You may be surprised to learn that your employees are far from providing the kind and level of service that creates long-time customers and generates more conversion into sales. Mystery shopping will provide you with the insight needed to increase your conversations and boost your revenue. By identifying service gaps with calls from mystery shoppers, you'll be taking the first step toward changing employee behavior and overcoming service apathy for good.

We have a bilingual team of over 25 agents who place 
more than 1,000 mystery calls across Canada every month. 
How telephone mystery shopping works

Telephone Mystery Shopping, Signature-style, allows both you and your employees to recognize what needs to be changed, where they are excelling, and how responsive they are to your callers.


Each conversation is recorded. Our scoring is based on a list of criteria we jointly design with you. We then incorporate the scores and the recorded calls into our online reporting site. Our clients are able to review their calls, look for areas of excellence as well was areas of opportunity based on actual call reports and trends, not some arbitrary conversation they may have overheard. 


Once we've evaluated how your employees can improve, we work with them to learn new behaviours to improve the quality of their interaction with the customers. We'll call them from time to time to evaluate how they are putting their new skills to work, and you'll be able to track the results with our Web-Based Reporting system. From there, we'll continue to work with your staff to help them become a polished team ready to give legendary results!



Make it work with your own incentive program

There is a direct correlation between increasing scores on our mystery shopping and increases in revenues for our clients. 


Mystery shopping programs are most successful when they are used to catch employees doing a great job and rewarding them. Most of our clients tie an incentive program to these shopping scores in order to encourage their employees to use their skills on each and every call. We have a built-in recognition system. If one of your employees receives a perfect score, you can automatically send them a Perfect Score Certificate you can print directly from our system. We make it easy for you to recognize and reward the behaviors you want repeated. 

We also offer onsite, in-person mystery shopping

We have a Pan-Canadian bilingual network of mystery shoppers who can visit your business in person, pose as a customer, experience your culture and create a detailed report of their person to person experiences.  Similar to telephone mystery shopping, we agree on what will be shopped, what are role model behaviors, and we create a score sheet and scoring guidelines.


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