How much do you know about your business?

Are you in a position to “Inspect what you Expect”?

In every industry- whether retail, restaurant, grocery, banking, hospitality or entertainment, all companies want their management and front line team members to deliver legendary service and exceed brand standards to all customers. To do this we will usually create compliance standards and guidelines, but as a business owner how do we know if these standards are being followed? While we expect compliance therefore ensuring operational excellence and delighted guest: Is this really happening?

One way we can measure compliance is surveys, comment cards and reviews. Studies show that the actual percentage of people who take the time to fill these in or write reviews are very low – in most social circles it is less than 10% of customers. We do know that a typical business will only hear from 4% of its dissatisfied customers. In plain English that means, for every one customer who complains, 26 are walking out the door. Because 91% of unhappy guests are not willing to ever do business with you again, they will never set foot on your property again.

Mystery shopping services allow you to “Inspect what you Expect”. We can evaluate whether expectations are being met throughout all interactions with all departments and services in your business. Mystery shops allow Owners and Operators to be a” fly on the wall” and experience a typical experience through the eyes of a customer. All interactions are tailored by you to ensure you are getting the best information you can from the shoppers.

Mystery shoppers themselves are really professional auditors to help you with your business. Unlike “real” customers, mystery shoppers are trained to know what qualities to look for and measure in your specific business. They can offer constructive feedback so you can make the necessary corrections to raise the bar on overall customer satisfaction.

Having Mystery shops in your business will allow you to monitor and measure customer satisfaction, improve customer retention, monitor facility conditions, ensure product and service quality, identify training needs and missed sale opportunities, but most important it will enforce employee integrity and knowledge.

One of the best questions I have ever seen on a Mystery Shop report was “Would you be willing to drive past a competitor to return?” I think of the businesses that I frequent and spend my money at regularly. Because in the past I have always received poor, inattentive service from the closest gas station to my house, I do not go there anymore.

I got tired of dealing with the attitude of indifference from the attendants there, and took my business elsewhere. I will now happily drive a little further and take extra time out of my day to go to my new regular gas station where I feel they appreciate my business.

In today’s economy all businesses are looking for ways to get more customers through their doors. We advertise, we offer “deals”, we put together packages. While you may not blink at spending $5000 in advertising– many companies will not spend a fraction of that on measuring customer’s experiences within their own business. It is worth the cost. The profit will come directly from the people wanting to return, not from the discounts and promotions you run to entice new guests, but because they had a Legendary experience.

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