One hotel's strategy for Earth Day

We are always interested to see what strategies our customers use to please their clients. Caesars Windsor took it to the next level, by taking actions that benefit its surrounding community as well. Good call!

In the Events section of their home page, they describe a series of CODEGREEN initiatives to help people do their part for the environment:

• They partnered with the City of Windsor to create a green event on a public square.

• They created a Green Expo Day in their facilities for people to meet with local organizations and gather easy tips to go green.

• They offered drop-off stations to collect used batteries and eye glasses.

• They also organized a 2-day collection of used electronics.

This should help with the Spring cleaning!

What about their customers?

The members of their loyalty program Total Rewards (and new members who register before their draw) will get a chance to win three Chrysler Pacifica Hybrids and $30,000 giveaway during several draws scheduled between 5 p.m. and 9 p.m. on Earth Day, Saturday April 22, 2017. Since members have to be present during the event at the Caesars Windsor, the odds of winning will be important. We can only imagine the ambiance as the evening unfolds!

Their CODEGREEN initiatives hit three birds with one stone by being useful to their community, and by offering a unique customer experience on a special date. Way to go!

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