Run Claude, run!

Our client, the Hyatt Regency in Montreal, really knows how to put itself in its customers' running shoes!

They recently posted a photo of Claude, one of their front-desk agents, running at what seems like a quite decent paste, inviting their customers to join the hotel's runners team on a 13-km path every Friday, all year-long, with a link to the fitness section under the Hotel Info tab on their home page.

Once there, visitors learn that:

1) The fitness facilities are open 24-hour!

2) For those who prefer outdoor exercice, they offer to meet Claude at the front desk either on Wednesdays at 6:30 a.m. or Fridays at 5 p.m. for some serious cardio workout along a 13-km path on Mount-Royal or Canal Lachine.

3) They even provide a link to the map of the running circuit, for those who would want to do it in their own time.

This kind of customer service works on so many levels: it provides the client with a local experience, an opportunity to meet people, and a chance to better connect with the staff.

And it exploit in the best of ways the multiple talents of this hotel's staff. Kudos!

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