How they help their clients remember...

Special dates on the calendar often have a great appeal to certain customers. We were wondering how hotels were helping their clients celebrate Remembrance Day...

As it turn out, British Columbia's hotels were the ones that popped out the most when we did a little research. We found out that the Victoria Hotel Chain has offered in the past a $5 rebate to its clients showing up at the reception with a Remembrance Day Poppy. We noticed a catchy themed promo page on the Cassandra Hotel's website offering a 15% rebate.

Take advantage of the regional tourism websites!

As a courtesy to its customers, the Redtree Lodge added information about a nearby Remembrance Day Ceremony, using the information from its local regional tourist association. We also saw tourism websites offering accommodation information around Remembrance Day activities.

Travel Alberta is a great example. Its attractive page offers all the information about a very interesting Remembrance Day activity (as it is taking place in an airplane museum). It supplies a link to an interactive map of all the nearby accommodations. A link to this great page could have been posted on the website of each listed hotel at no extra cost!

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