“Good work and thank you” are not enough any more!

Are you clear enough, in your encouragements, so that your employees know exactly what they did well? When you meet an employee to tell him(her) that he(she) must improve, do you always obtain the expected result?

Feedback is the information, in connection with work, that allows the person who receives it to adapt, change or to maintain their behaviors or attitude.

" Good work " does not go in that direction!

If you want the employees to repeat their behavior, it is necessary to be specific in your comments and to clearly state what was appreciated. The STAR method, that we present in our training program: Coaching for Performance, helps the supervisors develop a culture opened to feedback; would it be positive or geared towards performance improvements.

Here is an example taken from my last stay in a hotel…

I arrive at the Front Desk counter and the employee looks at me and smiles. While doing so, he asks if I am leaving the hotel. I answer yes and give him the room keys. He continues by asking me how my stay was. I answer with a simple " well, thank you ". This is when the employee answers me: " I see. Would there be anything that we could done to make your stay even better? ".

You will note that the employee did a good job and that he was helpful. Apparently, the word "well" did not satisfy him and he wanted to know more about it. In my opinion, it deserves to be mentioned. Demonstrating that you care about your guests is an excellent thing and will be beneficial for the organization.

Then, here is how to give positive feedback in that situation:

Situation / task: I noticed that you pushed a bit farther to satisfy the guest during his departure.

Action: you asked him if there was something else than we would have been able to make to improve his stay, and I liked it a lot!

Result: I felt that the guest appreciated the fact that you cared about him. I hope that he will write us something good on Trip Advisor!

What you want it is to provide coaching to the employees about a task, about a responsibility or about an activity. It encourages them to pursue their efforts or to improve their efficiency. It is also the opportunity to motivate and to recognize the employees!

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