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Attracting and retaining top talent is essential in 2018 to the success of the life of an organization. We are challenged to define employee engagement within our own organizations and to understand what drives engagement for our high performers. As we know, people plug into their work for different reasons, so understanding the connection between people and their work can help build a bridge between high performers and your company’s business goals.

According to a survey from Equifax Canada, one third of newly hired staff quit their jobs within the first six months. Most of them cite lack of skills and job growth as one of the major reasons they leave. Nowadays, employees want to expand and grow their skills, continually participate in the development of the business while feeling that they belong and their voice counts. They are looking for an “experience” at work, not just a “to do” list. Simply put, they don’t want to just wake up and make the coffee. They want to participate in the creation of the different flavors, the design of the processes and the management of the customer relationships.

While a mission and vision statement are important, they don’t always connect meaningfully to the work employees do. To translate company values into on-the-job behaviours, consider selecting core competencies for your organization and training your employees and managers on how to deliver them on a constant basis. Furthermore, competency-based job profiles define performance in terms of objective and observable behaviors, which gives managers and employees a neutral, common language for discussing improvement and potential. Applying the right competencies to management job profiles can also help managers improve in key areas, such as fostering communication and ensuring accountability.

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