Being more efficient on the phone might generate revenue.

Imagine that your company pays the equivalent of 402 workdays, in one year, to say nothing on the phone. It is a lot of money for not much, don’t you think?

Well this is what one of our customers pays for his 38 branches. A little more than 10 days of time-outs by branch. This time is of use all the same to something, especially for the search for information (to wait for that information to appear on the screen), however it is time that could be used more efficiently instead of losing it.

Think about it. Every time you have a conversation with a customer (current or potential), it is time to speak about your product, about your services, about your promotions or anything that could create some value for him (or her) or generate sales. It also applies when the customer is in front of you.

Granted, it is not always necessary to make conversation. And, if it is, there is always weather or the last sports results which are good ways to “fill dead air". On the other hand, there is a list of things which the customers should know, and which would fill these spaces easily, these "time-outs": it is what you offer; products or services!

When you talk about sale, service or marketing, imagine what can be said during one full hour!

No matter the size of your company, figures are stunning. We help our clients create a report with their customers and to create some value by improving the efficiency on the phone. Remember, it is what they must hear and not what you want to say that produces revenue.

A good exercise to do is to raise make a list of all that you offer. Then, discuss with your employees how they could insert these into a conversation.

In conclusion, if you study how your team works during the calls (room reservation, dinner reservation or for a request of information), do not be surprized if there are many lost opportunities. It could not reach one hour every day, however every opportunity counts, and practice will make so that all will speak more effectively to the customers.

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