Hotels, Attractions and Restaurants: It pays to see with the eyes of your customers!

Are you sure your team delivers a legendary service and exceeds the standards set for all your customers? That all the guidelines that you have put in place are followed?

This compliance can be measured by polls, comment cards and reviews. Studies show that the actual percentage of people who take the time to complete these or write a review is less than 10%. Typically, a company will receive news of only 4% of its dissatisfied customers. This means that for every unhappy customer who complains, 26 go out without saying a word, presumably reluctant to do business with you again.

The best way to "inspect what you expect" is with the Signature Canada Mystery Shoppers Service. A detailed evaluation that will allow you to discover if expectations are met during all interactions with all departments of your company. Signature Canada's mystery shoppers are professional shoppers. Unlike "real" customers, they are trained to know what qualities to look for and measure in your specific industry. They can offer a constructive feedback allowing you to make the necessary corrections and raise the bar on the complete satisfaction of your customers.

Having a Mystery Shopper program for your business will allow you to monitor and measure customer satisfaction, improve retention, improve services, ensure quality of products and services, identify training needs and missed sales opportunities, but, more importantly, it will uphold the integrity of employees towards your standards and their knowledge of them.

You spend on marketing to acquire more customers: advertising, web, social media, etc. Most of you do not hesitate to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on marketing, but do not budget anything to measure the customer's experiences. Well, you are wrong! Profits will be generated by those who want to continue doing business with you because they have had a memorable experience. Do you want a return on your investment? Make sure your customers want to come home!

Ask for your three free mystery calls today!

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