Are you ready for this summer?

" If 2017 allowed Montreal to beat records of attendance, 2018 could smash them. " This is what wrote, last September, Nathaëlle Morrissette of La Presse+. With that said, are you ready to deal with more clientele?

When the occupancy is high, it is a good idea to think of length-term and to make a more than favorable impression to your guests, so to hope that they will return during the year.

Create experiences which guests will remember, but also about which they are going to speak about upon their return.And it begins from the first phone call.

It is the best recipe to optimize revenue – whether these forecasts from Tourism Montreal confirm or not. Income will be good when the occupancy is higher but how will you manage for it to last? Here are my suggestions stemming from various programs which we teach:

  1. Avoid the order taking:

  2. Converse with the customers to understand well what they are looking for and not only to answer their questions.

  3. Make recommendations, offer a choice and verify their approval or interest.

  4. You are the expert:

  5. Demonstrate it in personalizing the features of your company but also what surrounds it.

  6. Create some value:

  7. Describe your products or services by presenting emotional benefits and not only logical ones.

" We are situated in the city center, which means to you that you will not have to take your car for your movements, thus about finding a place to park your car. We have an internal and car park! "

When you explain what you have in this way, the guests see what they get from it … because you thought of it, for them. You know, people buy with emotion, thus they must hear arguments in that sense.

What you want it is to deliver a service according to the expectations of the guest - personally. A generalized approach will not accomplish this, so, for them, perhaps it is not worth spending money at your place!

Have a great summer!

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