Management: How to make your employees happy

As a manager at the helm of a team it is your responsibility to make your employees’ lives as easy as possible so that they are happy. Moreover, there is a clear correlation between happy employees and happy and loyal customers. And what do happy customers do? They recommend your products and services and often spend more in your business. In your opinion, is there more effective marketing?

So why are we asking employees to face clients without training? Why are we putting them in a situation of helplessness and hopelessness in front of disgruntled customers or stressful situations? Task training will not be useful to help with these situations. We rather should equip them to face the reality of customer contacts: learn how to handle a complaint, make recommendations, help the client buy, provide excellent customer experience even in busy times, etc. Sorry, but none of these skills is taught at school! It does not matter which discipline you study.

Making your employees' lives easier is, among other things, accommodating their schedules whenever possible, recognizing their contributions, but most importantly, giving them the tools to serve a dissatisfied customer and manage priorities during unusual traffic or a stressful situation. Investing in the training of your employees is a worthwhile investment for you, for your customers and for them.

Signature Canada offers customized training for your needs to equip your employees to respond to any eventuality.

"The success of any training based on changes in behavior and habits is directly proportional to the quality of support offered to employees AFTER the initial training. That's why personalized and adapted training for Signature Canada's Hoteliers, Attractions and Tourism Offices are all accompanied by a solid follow-up and reinforcement plan. "Francis Prézeau, President.

Trust the Signature Canada team to help you deliver sustainable, measurable results that will help maximize your company's revenue.

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