Exceed expectations by offering an irreproachable service, the Château Vaudreuil... 1 of 3 articles

It isn’t as simple as that! Obviously, this is what we want in any organization, but it takes a great deal of vision, assistance, and mostly engagement to achieve this level of customer service.

In this first of three articles, you will see the importance of a good training program in the elaboration of a new plan mainly when changes will occur in your organization.

Following the improvements of your product, the next logical step for hoteliers is to increase their prices. However, we sometimes forget that a change of rate will bring a new and different type of guests. They will be more demanding and will immediately expect a better customer service.

Here is the Château Vaudreuil’s story. This hotel stands out in the hospitality industry since 1989. Nonetheless, after making a few administrative changes and by revisiting the budget, managers wish to give the hotel a new direction; a better customer experience. Those changes start by renovating not only the building, but also the employees – if I can say so!

Renovating is improving what’s already in place. For your employees, I am talking about sales training, customer service training and coaching for all the organization. Too often I saw organizations doing beautiful renovations but leave the customer service at the level it was at before the changes. To ensure that service meets the customers’ expectations, here is where we started:

CHALLENGES: Improve Communication Between Managers and Employees

With all the administrative changes, it was necessary for the Château Vaudreuil to re-establish a sense of unity and a good coordination between managers and employees. Managers would benefit from developing good coaching skills to ensure a closer communication with their staff. They were facing a challenge: how to support their employees through positive and developmental feedbacks and follow-ups. By doing so, managers and staff will quickly improve each other’s skills.


Firstly, we opted for the training program Coaching for PerformanceTM. To ensure a smooth transition toward changes, we thought it was necessary to work with all managers.

In this program, we study feedback techniques (positive and developmental), and how to give appreciation and motivate all employees. After the initial training day, we started to do personalized and individualized coaching calls based on the managers’ daily experiences. The idea here is to ensure a training that sticks. Those 20-minute calls allow them to discuss in total confidentiality their daily challenges and how to face them.

This is a good start because, with all the changes that were put in place, managers need to support their teams’ efforts... and they sure have many opportunities to do so!

Next step: SALES (second article of a series of three, to come in the following weeks... Stay tuned!)

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