Exceed expectations by offering an irreproachable service, the Château Vaudreuil... 2nd of 3 article

In the last article, we discussed the need to improve communication between managers and staff at the Château Vaudreuil Hôtel & Suites in order to re-establish a sense of unity and good coordination between them. From this point on, it becomes a priority to train the sales team in order for them to master the techniques of approaching potential customers, better describe the hotel, thus increasing sales; no matter their role within the Sales team.

Here is the second step for the ongoing changes:


The Château Vaudreuil is known for its lodging, but also for its restaurant and for the banquet organization (weddings, seminars, professional meetings, etc.). This hotel possesses beautiful installations for all those types of events – but that is the most well-kept secret of the region. The challenge here is to establish a consistent approach that will maximize sales by presenting the products in a way to better respond to the client’s needs.


For this second phase, we opted for the training program Client Centered SaleTM. This training emphasizes on the development of a proactive and structured sale's approach, designed to lead to a significant and sustainable increase in revenues. We cover the following topics:

  • The approach

  • Take control, not an order. From the very first seconds, we take charge and guide the client towards a decision.

  • Receiving information

  • Ask good questions to better qualify the clients. Not only dates and number of people, but also what is important to them.

  • Presenting benefits

  • You remember this “well-kept secret”? Now we talk about it and we do it according to what the clients are looking for. It’s way more than a list of product and services!

  • Gaining commitment

  • Advance the sale because “the ball is always in your court”.

  • Responding to objections

  • Objections are requests for more information about the value of your product or service. So, responding well will improve sales!

To ensure consistency, we worked with every members of the sale’s team: Sales Managers, Coordinators and Assistant Maître D’- restaurant; a team of 7 people.

Following the training day, with quarterly mystery shop calls, we will be able to follow the evolution of the employees’ performances and how they use the techniques. But, first off, we will make coaching calls to keep a strong and direct relationship with everyone.

This coaching service works well because the feedback is instantaneous and helps the sales team to refine their approach. First, we do a mystery shop call (the right scenario for the right salesperson), then we schedule a 1-hour session to listen to the call and cover each step of the sales process. We discuss best practices, how to present a product or how to ask questions differently.

This team is very responsive; that makes the exercises very conclusive.

Next step: Front Desk

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