Strategies adapted to the purchasing process of your customers - weddings, planners, corporate, spor

Here are the main behavioral changes that sellers must adopt to sell more. This week we're talking about the first step of the new funnel - Dream / Inspire.

They Dream, We Inspire

This is the very start of the buyer's journey. They haven't given it a lot of thought yet, and in some cases they don't even really know that they have a need, but a need could potentially be created with the right inspiration. Depending on the market, this can be a pretty wide range of opportunities.

For example:


  • They hope they are getting engaged.

  • They have recently gotten engaged.

Corporate Meeting Planner

  • They just finished hosting a meeting and it didn't go very well so they need to find a new venue for next time.

  • They have been asked to help plan the company's next sales meeting and they are not sure where to begin.

VP of Purchasing

  • Time to reduce some expenses and to look for alternatives to existing vendors – including hotels.

  • Time to put a preferred hotel program together.

Sports Teams

  • They just moved into a new division; they need to find new hotels as they are traveling to new cities.

  • Their previous hotel has gotten too expensive/restrictive, need to find a new one.

The New Sales Strategy: Create Awareness and/or Encourage Questioning of the Status Quo. While marketing can help inspire the dreamers, salespeople really need to focus on the second part – getting buyers to begin to question the status quo. The status quo stands for the hotel where they have held this meeting every year for the last four years. It's okay, but it is more of a habit than ideal. The level to which that status quo is unacceptable will drive how aggressively the prospect will move on to the next phase.

If things are fine where they are, they will need to be inspired by a better idea before they will consider moving to other hotels or making any changes. If things are bad, they will need to see a better alternative that will cause them less pain than their previous option. We want to create awareness that an alternative option (our property) exists, or at a minimum have them questioning whether a change would be advantageous for them.

What tools can you use to inspire someone to change the status quo or create awareness?

  • E-mail blasts – with photos and testimonials from happy clients.

  • Livecasts – a panel discussion of wedding experts, or party planners outlining the first steps that every bride/event planner must take to be successful.

  • Surveys/Polls – ask questions like: How important are these items for a successful meeting?

  • Asking questions in LinkedIn groups – describe your ideal stay/meeting/event.

  • Industry trends shared – an article that the most productive companies are meeting face to face.

  • Infographics – showing productivity stats for well-run meetings.

  • Videos – client testimonials, How To series.

  • Advertising – Display ads, Retargeting ads.

  • Public Relations – events held to showcase your new holiday catering menus.

Now it's your turn to inspire your prospects!

The second stage of the process - They explore - We guide, will be treated in my next article.

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