What Our Clients are Saying


"The skills that were taught to us are so relevant to our situation and showed us that we should all strive to do our best.

I have previously been forgetting to use the "Great, I can help you with that", but, since the training, I have done it on every call. It is definitely noticeable that the customer appreciates this, and it sets the tone for a great call."

Neil D. - Leadhand Parts Salesperson

Finning Canada

"I really liked how interactive the course was."

A training participant

Finning Canada

"Francis made his course entertaining and with just enough personal challenge to make it fun to have."

A training participant

Finning Canada

About Mystery Shop Calls

"I see the benefits of Signature Canada’s training and how it helps with training new employees the proper phone etiquette as well as showing them what we need to know when booking orders."


Jeff R. - Branch Operations Supervisor

The Cat Rental Store Lloydminster


"The formula that was taught to us in training helps a lot, when we are talking to guests, to be confident."


Laura T. - Sales and Marketing Operations Manager

Genesis Hospitality Inc.


"Excellence in spotting errors and areas for improvement and they always provide great feedback."


Rodney G. - Supervisor Parts and Warehouse

Toromont Quebec


"This service is essential to grow the skills of anyone who answers company telephones, particularly if the goal is to secure appointments, reservations or other sales."


Jimmy P.

Canalta Hospitality, AB Provost

"The service allows the employee and the employer to hear themselves speak and find out what they actually sound like. When any person listens to their recorded call, they will always benefit from listening to it by understanding what skills to improve."
Kent C.

Hertz Equipment Rental, NS Dartmouth